My first thought is that we (the planet) need a reset... we need to rebalance. Prior to 2012 we had been in transition from the Piscean age (an age dominated by power and hierarchy) to the Aquarian age (the age of information). For the next 2000 years we will be in this Aquarian age. We have the choice to either stay and cling to antiquated values or adopt or adapt to the evolving more conscious and balanced ones. Your subconscious mind can be an overwhelming collection of negative and limited beliefs that you have adhered to, inherited and believed to be true over your lifetime(s). We (the planet) have to begin to remove the prolonged negative programming that has been done in our subconscious in order to restore it with more positive programming. Bad habits are not easy to conquer. I believe the way to break old habits is by developing newer, healthier habits and practicing those new habits long enough in order for them to become habitual. Our natural instinct as humans has unfortunately become manipulated and fear driven. Violence and negativity is being perpetuated everywhere. The images we are fed constantly (fear based), the information we are given or not given (fear based), all fear driven. In the Aquarian age.. the information once skewed and held from us will become readily available and no longer hidden for power, control, fear tactics or personal agendas. Your reality has only been a perception. You can change your perception at any moment. Focus on growth, change, happiness, peace, prosperity and not on fear. A reawakening on this planet starts with individuals being at one (peace) with themselves. The reawakening on this planet has to start with each individual taking personal journeys back toward their true inner being. Know that you can only truly control yourself (your mind). As bad as I want to save the world, I know in order to do that I must save myself, first. “There can be no peace, until we find peace within.” I am energy. You are energy. Everything is energy. These paragraphs you’re reading, the thoughts you’re having while reading, your feelings, your emotions, your physical body are all energy... are all manifestations of energy vibrating at different rates of frequencies/vibrations. We all have a contribution we are offering this planet (conscious of it or not...acting on it or not). Are you sending out positive vibrations? 

My second thought: "We" need a reset... a black community, our black community, our communities, our world, our planet. According to Wikipedia, the definition of value is “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” Our personal values tend to co-exist with cultural values and social norms. At some point in history “they” (“they” as in those who are and have been in power; the ten precent, the new world order, the slave society, etc), for their own personal agendas, placed a nominal value on specific beings/things that were also too created equal: in this specific case— the black man and the black livelihood. To this day, a very low nominal value is placed on the lives of a black individual. Black men, black individuals, minorities, people of color, like all things, came from the creator. We were all born of the same energy. What happens to an individual when his identity is lost? They began to act like who they are told to be, who they are told they are ... told by the very oppressors who robbed them of their identity in the first place... for their own personal gain. I read, “People who do not know their identity will fight to assume and keep the false identity forced upon them. And to remember that when we look in the mirror.” There is a very powerful and collective group of humans that have and continue to control this planet with money, greed, selfishness and corrupt power. “They” love and value their money/power > __________. Fill in the bank. They value their money/power over the very existence of the planet on which they exist. So what is a black life to them? What is the value of any life to them for that matter, besides their own, if it gets in the way of their money, power or control? The black dollar holds a much higher nominal value to them then the actual life of that very individual. In there own game, in the matrix of money (wealth) and mathematics(knowledge/wealth) is where we can begin to gain balance (in this aspect of financial literacy and wealth building) and gain a even playing field on the oppressor’s home turf (money). And of course this is only possible after acquiring the knowledge and consciousness needed so that the re programming of your subconscious can occur.

My third thought: We (as a one), the human race, in order for this reset to occur must unlearn certain false truths, certain negative programming that has been instilled in us, taught to us, potentially carried across generation through DNA. In this new Aquarian age I pray we can do away with the bullshit we have been taught. We are all connected. We all play intricate parts in the grand scheme of the universe. You, my friend reading, are not are an integral part of it all. Your presence is not in vain. The same water that flows in the ocean runs through your bloodstream. The oxygen that we breathe in is from a mutual relationship we have with the trees outside your house. We both need each other to live. The same vitamins and minerals that make up nature are those your bones are built from. Your own personal piece of the puzzle of where you fit, your purpose, is yours to decide... and you do fit in somewhere...wherever you want. Whether you make the decision to be part of the growth of this planet or decide not to choose a path at all, you’re determining the universes future. Don’t walk around without any intention.

I have been wondering a lot lately how my presence would work for change. All I know is that I can no longer sit silently and just hope for things to change...hope for peace... it will only help the planet remain stagnant. Each one of us can be a catalyst. If you are reading this, you are a catalyst, be a source of light. You are already a light worker now you must begin light working. Accept the knowledge is already within you. Keeping your vibe positive will help keep your tribe positive☺Help to re instill and teach what the true meaning of life is: that we are all connected and life is infinite. 

In conclusion: We have been taught and fed false truths for centuries. We have to be aware that a lot of concepts we are taught are just that... concepts...not definitive truth. We have universal laws/laws of nature (the law of vibration, the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of resonance, the law of polarity, the law of growth, and the law of abundance) that are unwavering principles that govern every aspect of the universe in which everything exist. Then we have man made laws/concepts; which are based on dogmatic beliefs, differs based on location, or complied sometimes due to fear. Time, for example, is a man made concept and construct. Yes, time...your beloved time. So much of your life revolves around “time”. Does the concept of time benefit us or hurt us? Of course, I can see its benefits (especially on a day to day “in the matrix” level) but my point here is that “time” itself is a false truth that is forced upon the world (like a lot of other false truths) as ultimate truth. Time is a man made construct, do not present it or teach it as universal law. Teach the truth. Share the truth. Everything is matter. Everything is vibrating. Everything in the universe is constantly moving and changing. Change is the only constant in this universe. We are infinite. Continuous. The mandala. As we wake up its difficult to just accept life “how it is” “business as usual.” And believe me I know transformation isn’t painless. Your entire world changes when your consciousness expands. You might“lose” friends who are no longer vibrating on the same frequencies, things that were once of value to you may hold no value to you anymore, certain relationships may change, you will have to go through your dark in order to see your light. In the programmed society we live in, these transformations are almost deemed“crazy” because the truth is that a majority of souls on the planet are sleep and are not light working, so anything out of their ordinary is ridiculed... we are waking them up though, aren’t we? You and I? Ignorance is bliss, it is comfortable and more importantly safe to some. Consciousness, however, is scary and does not move backwards. Accept change, it’s the only constant. Stay positive and keep your vibes high, nothing can match the vibration of love. I leave you with this: “As with everything in life, you have been given the free will to choose which life path you will follow. It is our sincere hope that whichever choices you make will lead you one step closer to experiencing a life full of love, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually."

Peace on earth, friends. 

Love always,

Maryam- Zahra Amira Ali